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An Important Message from the WVPMA Board
The WVPMA Board

Message from the Executive Board

Dear WVPMA Members,
It is with sincere pleasure that we welcome you to the 2022 Wisconsin Veterinary Practice Managers Association.

We are incredibly pleased to have our members join us this year. Whether you are a returning member or a new member, we are looking forward to offering you a tremendous year of professionalism, individual growth and knowledge, and strengthened communication with your colleagues. We encourage member participation throughout the entire year.

Members can participate in monthly roundtables held virtually, communication through groups.io, attendance at our spring and fall meetings, as well as joining the WVPMA executive board. Member participation is a huge piece to the success of the WVPMA. Please reach out to any one of the board members to receive a little encouragement in participating in any or all of these processes.

We will have two conferences again this year. One in the spring and the other in the fall. The spring date, April 22, 2022, is planned to be held virtually. We are still looking for a date in the fall and for the probability of being IN PERSON!. Yes, we would like to be able to get together will all of you once again. Look for information on the spring conference on the meetings / events page.

Monthly roundtable discussion will continue to happen in 2022. We are planning to have speakers present on specific topics at some of the roundtables. Groups.io is still a wonderful way to submit questions and receive answers from your colleagues. The executive board is still meeting virtually every month to stay focused on your individual growth as well as the growth of the WVPMA.

Welcome once again, and we look forward to your participation and collaborating with you this year.

WVPMA Executive Board

Anna, Jen, Diana, Kim, Adam

Who Manages Your Practice?

As you well know, the rapid pace in which the veterinary profession is changing requires devoted attention to detail in order to succeed. Today's practice owner does not always have the time to maintain, promote and enhance the evolution of the practice. As a result, a practice manager is enlisted to take on the responsibility of managing the practice.

The position of veterinary practice manager is typically filled by promoting from within the practice or by hiring a qualified individual. This person will take on a variety of responsibilities from human resource management and organizational leadership to practice budgeting and financial management.

Veterinary Practice Managers