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Enhance Your Efforts in Improving Your Practice by Becoming a Member of the WVPMA
WVPMA Membership

Become a WVPMA Member

We understand the practice manager is a very busy individual who gives much time and effort to perfecting the practice. Becoming a member of the WVPMA can only enhance the effort!

The practice manager can utilize the organization as a valuable tool in expanding knowledge and reaching potential.

The WVPMA is a non-profit organization.

Download the Membership Brochure.

Download the Membership Application.

Meetings and Dues

  • Active Membership $100.00 per year.
    An Active Member is defined as veterinary practice management personnel who have direct responsibility for the management and day-to-day operation of one or more veterinary hospitals.
  • Membership after July 1st $50.00 for remaining year.
  • Associate Membership $125.00 per year.
    An Associate Member is an individual whose job does not fit the criteria outlined for an Active Member but who does work in a related field of veterinary medicine.
  • Out-of-State Membership $125.00 per year.

In addition to our October Annual Convention, we have four meetings each year, February, April, June, & December. Each meeting is an additional $35.00. Meetings to be paid for at time of registration.

Membership Payment

Annual Membership

Member Name

Hospital Name

Five Meetings Per Year:

  • February - 3rd Thursday (Madison Area)
  • April - 3rd Thursday (Oshkosh)
  • June - 3rd Thursday (TBA)
  • October - WVPMA Annual Convention (Madison)
  • December - 2nd Thursday (Fond du Lac)

Dates are subject to change.
Please contact Laura Oldenhoff at with any questions about joining our great organization.

Please Note:

Individuals intending on becoming new members must download, complete and mail or fax the WVPMA Membership Renewal/Application Form even if paying for the fees online. Completed forms can be mailed to Patti McFarland, Treasurer.

If you are a new member, you must fill out a Membership Application. It may take a few weeks to process a new member application.

If registering 14 days prior to a meeting there will be a $10.00 late fee. If canceling more than 14 days before a meeting there will be a $10.00 refund fee. After 14 days prior to the convention there will be no refunds.

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