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Congratulations to all that have received this Annual Award
WVPMA Member of the Year Award

Practice Manager of the Year Awards

Past Recipients of the WVPMA Member of the Year Award:

  • 2017 Jamie Holter
  • 2016 Bob Feller
  • 2015 Sue Arndt
  • 2014 John Rasmussen
  • 2013 Lyn Schuh
  • 2012 No Award Given
  • 2011 Holly Houston
  • 2010 Tamera Hagner
  • 2009 Gail Yatso
  • 2008 Cheryl Skwor
  • 2007 Cheryl Kuchera
  • 2006 Alyce D’Amato
  • 2005 Linda Johnson
  • 2004 Gail Pipke (Peterson)
  • 2003 Cathy Lucchesi
  • 2002 Lori Jensen
  • 2001 Josette Svitter
  • 2000 Lyn Barwick
  • 1999 Lisa Evans
  • 1998 Larry Dreifke

WVPMA Member of the Year Nomination Form. (Due June 15)

Please Note:

Individuals intending on becoming new members must download, complete and mail or fax the WVPMA Membership Renewal/Application Form even if paying for the fees online. Completed forms can be mailed to Patti McFarland, Treasurer.

If you are a new member, you must fill out a Membership Application. It may take a few weeks to process a new member application.

If registering 14 days prior to a meeting there will be a $10.00 late fee. If canceling more than 14 days before a meeting there will be a $10.00 refund fee. After 14 days prior to the convention there will be no refunds. There are no refunds for pre-paid meetings (paid for once a year with membership).